Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 14. Day 134. Good on ya, Mum

I've been proof reading a lot of drama wank work of late. As best I understand it, there are conflicting views as to whether you can really portray a character unless you know what it's like to walk in his or her shoes or can get into his or her headspace. While no-one cares what I think, I'll tell you anyway. Bullsh*t. I mean do you have to abuse children to act on Law and Order SVU? Was Jude Law ever a Young Pope? Of course not (if he was there would be a sudden spike in Catholicism I suspect). But being able to walk the walk helps you talk the talk and I reckon being a mother gives me a far greater appreciation for all my mother did - in fact continues to do - for me. Let's be honest. Mother's Day was a cynical Hallmark Occasion back when people still sent greeting cards. But pausing for just a moment to reflect on and thank your mum is not such a dreadful thing. My mum never seemed tired although she must have been. You'd have to be exhausted by raising four kids, having a professional job and caring for a sick husband. But she didn't show it. The house was always immaculate, three loads of washing were processed every day and we all had what we needed when we needed it - whether that was lunch, a lift or a loving word. I have one child and live in a state of perpetual exhaustion and disarray. Mum made it look easy - except when it came to cooking dinner. She made that look inedible. The less said about her meatloaf the better. So today my sisters and I took responsibility for the cooking. It was an occasion to eat, drink and be merry and there was even a song or two celebrating our mums and Grandma... with apologies to Tracy Chapman....

The only reason my two-legged "baby" isn't in this pic is because he took it. The fur babies are yet to master the camera

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