Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 31.Day 151. Falling into the 50s

The weirdest coincidence happened today.  A group of students working on a journalism project each decided to try something new and report on it. Sam Kolhapuri decided to throw herself off a cliff. I offered my services as a photographer. So I rocked up to the Kangaroo Point cliffs abseiling area with the dogs I had just collected from the groomers (and a camera of course). I greeted Sam who was looking decidedly nervous. Then a bloke said hi. Paul, I met Paul and his wife Leighann in anti-natal classes. Leighann and I ended up giving birth in the same hospital one day apart. In the early years when the kids were small we spent a lot of time together but busy lives got in the way. We reconnected recently which was awesome but it's been years since I've seen the rest of the Carey crew. And there they were. It is Leighann's 50th birthday and to celebrate a family abseiling adventure was organised. How cool. So rather than knowing one of the abseil group, I knew five. All of them looked very anxious at the top. All of them looked triumphant at the bottom. And the birthday girl was so pleased with herself she climbed back to the top and had a second go. And we promised we would get together soon - and not by accident.

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