Monday, May 29, 2017

May 29. Day 149. And my cup runneth over

I have a very important announcement to make. I am going to be starring in Noises Off by Queensland Theatre at QPAC.
Okay, that might be a tiny weenie stretch. Okay while it's not exactly a lie it isn't close to truth either.  This evening I attended a play briefing about the farcical play within a play that opens next week.
The sound designer Russell Goldsmith was talking about putting together the audio for the piece. He said there were no clues within the script as to music etc. He also talked about the second act which is set back stage. The set is rotated at this point and we see what's going on behind the scenes while the play continues. This means there needs to be audience reaction, claps, cheers, gasps. He could have used stock sounds but he decided to use actuality - and we provided it.
The magical actor Hugh Parker was set a few bizarre acting tasks and our reactions were recorded. So you will hear Drama Teen and me (and a few score of people we've never met before) clap, cheer and generally respond appropriately to a farce. You are impressed, right? Okay not. But interesting none the less.

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