Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May 3. Day 123. And in tonight's news

 Fun fact. They let me promote QUT's journalism program at the University's Open Day.  I always tell the room full of starry eyed potential students and terrified parents (or is it the other way around?) that QUT's journalism program is the best in the region and probably the best in the country. And then I point out the bleedingly obvious. I'm wearing a most unfetching QUT polo shirt. I'm being paid to be at open day. It would be shocking if I was to say anything else. But, I add, I stand by my assertions and like any good potential journalist they should do their own research. They should speak to graduates. They should ask the industry. No-one should take my word for it (After all my nearest and dearest don't why should strangers? That's something I leave out of the open day spiel).
But it's true. Every university will tell you their course offering is the best and the staff there are probably there because they believe it. Let the buyer beware.
If the students take my advice they will tour our facilities and look at our program and what they will find is pretty awesome. I wandered into the TV studios this afternoon when tonight's TV bulletin was being recorded. What I saw was pretty much exactly what might happen up the hill at Mount Cooth-tha. Cameras. The autocue. The green screen. Lots of hairspray and three very professional young people looking just like those on impressive newsreader salaries. This is why I love our program.  But don't take my word for it. Check out the students on YouTube or on our website. You can also listen to the radio bulletin while you are there.

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