Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thusday August 6. Day 218. Long day's journey into night

I may not be spectacular in the kitchen but setting the microwave on fire is a special effort even for me. Best of all I'm not even sure why or what I did other than turn it on to start the flames. Bizarrely, even for me, I decided that perhaps what it needed was a good clean because it could have been some historical heating accident on the roof of the microwave that was the problem. So I cleaned it and tried to set the kitchen on fire a second time.Top effort. In all that I lost my glasses which is only a problem if I need to see. And then I found them again just in time to see the dog escape. He dodged and weaved until he got bored playing "evade the owner" and ran into the front door of the house across the road, found a bed and curled up for a nap. And all that before work.
I am a magnet for crazy mornings. Most days I get to work feeling, often justifiably, like the hard yakka is over for the day. So by evening, after the afternoon crazy of mum's taxi commitments is over, I generally want to hit the couch and stay there. The dog and my fitness goal dictate otherwise. So off for an evening walk. No matter how big the struggle to get there is I must say I never regret it. The view of the city from the Kangaroo Point cliffs is special and a bit of exercise gives you the energy to face whatever crazy tomorrow might throw up.

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