Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 11. Day 223. Risk assessment

This week I may have sent out a somewhat shitty email to students reminding them that each subject they study in their journalism degree is adding $2748 to the bill they will graduate with. Okay that did happen because 1) I was somewhat perplexed at the woeful attendance that day and 2) In a bad mood. But I felt it needed to be said. In the end it's their money (or mum's and dad's) and if they choose not to attend well so be it. We all make assessments of the costs and benefits all the time. So it was with kookaburra today. He was sitting on the fence watching the goings-on at Margaret's place. He could see the mince on the windowsill. He could see the dog on the lap just inside the window. The "will I/won't I debate" going on in his head was obvious for all to see. And then the temptation was just too much. He mad a flying eat and run raid on the mince before Rumple could respond. Sure sometimes you have to take risks. You just don't want to be stupid about it and be sure that you have made an appropriate risk assessment before you act. There's a lesson in that for all even those with bird brains

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