Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17. Day 229. Taking flight

Okay can I fly off for the remainder of the winter and most of spring while you're at it?
There is a time in every semester when I just want to escape. That time is right now.
I seem to remember it is somehow related to physics. That a substance will return to its original shape and form no matter how much stress is applied until it reaches its elastic limit - after that it's game over.
The combination of a Year 12 student melting under assessment stress and a mini mountain of my own work has me hyperventilating. Figuring there would be less to no sleep tonight in any case, I took off late in the afternoon for a stroll. Rumple took the lead, literally and decided the University of Queensland lakes would be what we needed.
As always he was right. It didn't help with the marking but it cleared the head enough to make going back achievable.

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