Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday August 8. Day 220. Get your skates on

It must be a recessive gene. All my family are pretty sporty, balanced and coordinated types and I am, well, capable of tripping over my own feet when walking from the bed to the bathroom. Thus I said I would happily bring the camera to an afternoon at the skate rink but my shoes would not be replaced by skates. "Come on. Where's your try-anything spirit," my sister Lisa texted back. My Try-anything spirit is largely reserved for adventure sports where the aim is to fall. I've done parachuting, bungee jumping, abseiling and bridge swings. Let's face it. I need sports where gravity works with you. It has been 35 years since I've had a go at skating and I've no plans to change that any time soon. And speaking of not changing, as far as I can see the Stafford Skate Centre hasn't changed a whole lot in that time. I'm pretty sure the music is even the same and the games certainly are - this is why my sister is one her back looking like a cockroach, at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

This one isn't one of ours but she was so good

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  1. What fun, I remember loving roller skate rinks as a child, I didn't know they still existed! These kids certainly look like they are enjoying it. Not strictly Country Kids as it is indoors but a fun looking active time.