Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 12. Day 224. Flying high

I've read about it. There is even the possibility I may have done it. Running into things while you are tweeting is apparently a thing. The truth is I don't actually need to be on my phone to walk into random things. It is just a special talent. Still tweeting does distract others enough to make them unusually accident prone. I assumed this applies only to humans, until this morning. I was walking to my place of work (yes, it was a public holiday) when a flock of squawking lorikeets flew at speed overhead. One distracted tweeter flew smack into the building and then hit the concrete with a great deal of force at my feet. It just lay there quivering. My first instinct was to tweet to seek advice. Then I Googled animal rescue organisations and found a bird rescue group who advised me to put the injured bird into a box and cover it with a towel. Right. Boxes and towels are not huge supply on a work day but when the workplace is empty ... So the contents of the recycling box in my office were dumped onto the floor and a coat was collected to from the car and back to the bird. It was still lying there barely moving with just a twitch in the leg showing it was still alive. I  bent down to gingerly pick it up when it rolled off its back and took off. Drama over. It was only 9am. Already I had been up close and personal with many high flyers - a much healthier looking lorikeet in the native tree outside my house, the repair crews on the Wheel of Brisbane and the birds in the pool at South Bank. Public holiday?! What public holiday? That's for the birds.

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  1. A thud!! She then was dazed until the hand of salvation brought her to her senses to again become as free as a bird.