Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 1. Day 213. A lot of bull

When you live with a child whose life's passion is the theatre, the phrase "break a leg" is a frequent uttering. Of course, as he's never performed in a production such as the very accident prone Spiderman,  the likelihood of any fracture is slim to nothing.
But if, like my friends Toni and Brett, you have a child with a passion of rodeo riding injuries are a far more realistic outcome despite all the obvious precautions. For years now I've been promising to see young Steele ride but until today I hadn't managed to make it happen.
Steele was competing in the Under 16 event of the rodeo being held as part of the Pine Rivers show.
Today wasn't his day and his ride was short. I didn't even manage to capture a shot because the support crew was between me and the rider.
But all was not lost. I did get to see some amazing young people in the ring.
These kids are amazing. Hopping on a bucking animal and holding on takes a whole lot of guts but they did it without even flinching.
No child was hurt today but one of the support crew was flattened and knocked unconscious. After being attended by ambulance crews he was able to walk from the arena. Later he was back. Like I said, guts. I was impressed and just a little bit in awe. 
 On top of that was able to enjoy all of the other activities on offer as part of the show (apart from the food. As delicious as a dagwood dog and fairy floss may be, I'm pretty sure they don't actually appear on any prescribed diet).


  1. I'm always worried for and proud of rodeo riders in equal measure, such a dangerous sport #countrykids

  2. Wow Susan these photos really are amazing. What an incredible event, I hope no one and no bulls were hurt. I'm sorry your friend didn't do so well tonight but it looks like there was plenty of things going on around to take his mind off things! We went to watch bulls race in France with our cousins a few years ago, there is much that was similar including the fun fair which my children adored. Thank you for sharing your bull fight with me on Country Kids.