Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 19. Day 231. Good morning

The results of a sleep apnea study this week revealed a lot, a whole lot, mostly why I find it near impossible to get out of bed in the morning and almost always feel exhaustipated (too tired to give a sh*t). Not only am I sleeping about five hours a night, my breathing is stopping 54 times in that period. That's the easy bit. Now I just have to work out what to do with that info. I do know, however, that this exhaustion has prevented my long-established pattern of a nice solid workout in the morning. But when I do force myself, like on Wednesdays when I have a 6.30am call at the ABC, I always feel so much better for it (until I hit the wall about 10.30am). It is a special time of day and at South Bank there's always something to get exited about (or at least to point a camera at). This is today's selection.

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