Saturday, August 29, 2015

August 29. Day 241. Don't rain on my parade

The great August festival of birthdays wound up today with a mega celebration. The month start's with my niece Amelia's birthday and winds up my nephew Benjamen, my niece Scarlett and my mum celebrating on three consecutive days. So I had this cunning plan to fit in the birthday bash with the huge load of assessment and my need to walk 14.285 steps to reach my daily goal. I would walk to the birthday party. This would also help justify the cake I knew was coming and would be a big ice cream dream. Perfect except for one small detail It started bucketing with rain at the time I should have been walking. Now a sensible person would have read the weather forecast and seen it coming but the sensible person was either reading an assignment or deciding whether Christmas paper or photocopy paper were more acceptable for wrapping birthday gifts. You get that. I might not have ticked ALL the boxes but I did get to spend a crazy night with a crazy bunch I love to bits - and then I rushed home to the papers.

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