Friday, August 21, 2015

August 21. Day 233. Head above water

 Wonderful creatures, humans. Except when they are not. Today I witnessed both. After a week when keeping afloat has been a trifle difficult, today was panning out to be a "going down for the third time" sort of day. But it didn't happen and it didn't happen because friends rescued me. Two work colleagues volunteered to cover tutes to allow me to deal with "stuff".  The space, time and I confess a nap made all the difference. I love them for it. And then rested, it was off for an afternoon walk to South Bank. Here I saw the other side. A group decided to feed a whole loaf of bread to the critters (despite all the warnings of how human food is not in the best interest of wildlife). When the birdlife didn't seem that interested they thought it would be really fun to just see if they could hit the ducks with the bread. First roll up the bread in a small hard ball then hurl it directly at a duck. That is just the lesson they should be teaching the cute little girl in the group. If you are bored, just go throw things at small defenseless creatures. And we think we are a higher order species.

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