Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10. Day 222. Chasing my tail

Chasing your tail may seem like an awesome idea if you are a dog but as a human it is a huge frustration. Nothing drives me more crazy than automated phone systems. Do not say you have a 24 hour call centre if what you have is a phone line manned by a robot who just asks you to push numbers. I became trapped in the phone vortex today while doing my Good Samaritan thing for Margaret next door. She has a term deposit that needs to be acted on this Friday and she was starting to stress. So I volunteered to help. All I wanted to know was which branch is the most accessible for someone with restricted mobility. It needed to have good parking, no stairs and be flat terrain. Now there is no "if you want a mobility friendly branch press one option". I don't expect there to be but the ability to hold for other queries is a no-brainer. It didn't happen. So I tweeted the bank saying navigating the phone system was sapping me of the will to live and I wanted to speak to a human. There response? To send a series of tweets with button pushing options. This is when steam started pouring out my ears and I took the dog for a walk. I also tweeted "I don't want to go back through the multiple choice quiz. That's my point. I am trying to help my elderly neighbour. Human needed". The penny dropped (which in a bank is a good thing). An actual person called me and I was given the information needed. How hard is that? And a study released this week found teens believed text or online communication superior to in the flesh meets ups. All I can say is you are missing out big time kiddies. I like the online world too but a cuppa with friends beats a phone ring around any day. And besides dogs can't text and until that happens I insist on living in the real world at least most of the time.

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