Friday, August 14, 2015

August 13. Day 225. You've got to laugh

They say it's never as good as the first time (they do say that don't they or did I just make that up?)
Anyway, I'm here to tell you that's crap. Last time I saw Kitty Flanagan was in Newcastle and she was brilliant. But tonight at the Brisbane Powerhouse I was literally wheezing from laughing and I didn't even have to fork out for an air ticket for the pleasure. In fact, as it happens, I didn't have to fork out for anything because my friend Sue won the tickets ....
I think I said at the time I would laugh about the Newcastle trip one day. Apart from Kitty it was woeful. It was the dodgiest motel in the world, one of those highway jobs that a person only ever stays in because they are cheep. One very noisy fridge, one badly tuned TV and paper thin walls - and those were its good points. I had booked and paid but when I arrived with my teenage son they explained they had "accidentally" given my room to someone else but they'd give me a cheaper one. Far enough, I thought without asking the key question - how many beds? Turns out just one. We may be a close family but there is something very wrong about a double bed in a cheap motel with your son. Oh and the bed was on wheels and had a habit of traveling around the room possibly propelled by the cockroaches scuttling around the room. Yep, it was class. But Kitty made the trip worthwhile and now I get to laugh about both that and tonight's show. Score.

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