Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24. Day 236. Watch the birdie

Twitter. Twitter. Anyone who knows present me, knows I am a bit of a fan. Anyone who knows present me will also know that birds are a bit of a thing too in that I just love pointing my lens at them and going click. I'm frequently dead impressed at what I come up with (and then I go to Google images, see what proper bird photographers come up with and give myself a bit of a reality check). The thing is, it really is no surprise that I took to the Twitter thing like a duck to water. Most journalists love it because journalists love to tell stories and it doesn't really matter if that's in 140 characters or something we know call long-form journalism. But the bird thing, that's a surprise even to me. Especially to me. There's nothing in my past that would scream twitcher. Nothing at all. But when you do take time to actually watch birds, it's hard not to be fascinated by their antics. They seriously have so much personality. And frankly, I'm pretty sure while I'm watching them, they are watching me not because I seem like prey or predator but because they are curious. I reckon some are even posing, especially at places like Roma Street Parklands where bird photographers are a dime a dozen. Posing or not, I'll take it. Now watch the birdie ....

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