Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 18. Day 230. A Fowl Business

Aerial surveillance
There was something of a commotion outside the front fence this afternoon. The kids across the road were a couple of feathered friends short of the full quota in the poultry pen. Drama. Being the good neighbour I am, and also hating both lost pets and distressed small people I joined the search. All I managed to find was one Dalmatian, only 100 head less than required for a Disney film. Dalmatian is a chook and she was taking the free range business to the extreme this afternoon but, unfortunately, she was not one of the missing cohort. Those were all orange. I might be a novice at this fowl finding business but I do know my colour card and this one did not meet the description at all. By the time I emerged from the rough behind the neighbour's house there was a shriek, a good shriek. that signaled all poultry had been successfully located and returned home. Panic over.

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