Friday, August 21, 2015

August 20. Day 232. A fine crop

I wish to Photoshop my life. By this I do not mean airbrush to increase the ability of a better class of selfie. I am not talking about Photoshopping my images but my lifer in general. How good would it be to have a crop function to just cut out all the nasty bit. I would apply the auto tone function to my email in box to "enhance" or correct some of those snarky or bitchy or too informal or too formal emails and translate them to a tone more fitting for my liking. So I need an extra set of arms or to be in two places at once? There's a clone key for that. Eyes in the back of the head? Simply copy and paste. Yes, I have given this matter far too much thought actually. Why? Well on seriously shitty days like today I just think there should be a Photoshop for Life allowing a quick delete of the unpleasant bits to allow focus on the good bits. And what does all this have to do with the fact that for about the 4000th day in a row there are bird pics? When there is no time, no energy and no imagination left, birds are a safe bet. And if you apply Photoshop at least you can crop them in an interesting fashion.

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