Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 8. Day 189. If you don't give a feather or a fig

The red eyes. The slight green tinge around the edges. This is the Australasian Figbird. This is also the current state of Susan. For 20 years I have been in the habit of getting up early and seizing the day with at least an hour's exercise. Some time in the past year, stress, insomnia and fatigue changed all that. But with a trekking holiday now booked in at the end of November, I now must get fit. This means a return to the old ways. It started today and right now I feel crap. But it must surely be a case of no pain, no gain. I'll be chirping about it soon enough, or so I tell myself. You have my total permission to nag me if I seem to be losing my way.

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