Friday, July 3, 2015

July 3. Day 184. Baby it's cold outside

Ah  Brisbane. Beautiful one day. Eight degrees the next. Seriously weather gods, this is not what I signed on for. Living in this part of the world where the homes are deliberately designed to catch the breezes and help cool in the relentless summer, a cold winter morning can be bracing to say the least. I fully understand how laughable a whinge at an overnight low of 8 might sound to many, but from where I come from it's very fresh. Still, I cool clear morning in winter almost always means a beautiful sunny day. By early afternoon the school holidays crowds were at South Bank and more than a few were taking a dip. It has to be said that all of the people in the pool and standing under the buckets of water dropping from a great height in the waterpark were aged under about 12. Clearly one's internal thermometer isn't correctly calibrated until puberty. Sure the temperature was in the low 20s by then but I sure had no desire to take my kit off and get wet. Sensible big people like myself are content to enjoy the winter sun in a cafe with a nice hot chocolate and a piece of fruit toast. Some of cafes even supply blankets for big softies like myself who can't take the (lack of) heat.Okay it may not be paradise but it's close to it.

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