Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 25. Day 206. A formal affair

Will you look at this? I know, I know, I'm his mother so of course I MIGHT be a tiny bit biased but I must say my boy scrubs up rather nicely. I also think he has impeccable taste with every last detail of the suit his own selection.  And of course having the delightful Alice on his arm completed the picture of classic elegance. Parents of female children remind me how easy I have it because dress selection is "supposed" to be far more difficult than going to the hire shop and walking out with a tux. That might be true but Drama Teen was never going to accept wearing an outfit the same as everyone else. It's not in his nature. I must say that going the tailor-made option is not exactly cheap but when I looked at some of the female gowns on display I came to the conclusion that at least we got value for money in terms of the amount of fabric used. Seriously, some of those dresses left very little to the imagination. They don't make seventeen-year-old girls like they used to. I am reliably informed that there was quite the exchange in double-sided tape going on as the night progressed and some bits were not staying where they were meant to. If what I saw at the beginning of the night is anything to go by, I can't say I am surprised. For my money a dress that dazzles is not one that flashes but then I'm old. Old enough to know better and old enough to be mother to a teenager who scrubs up all right!

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