Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 26. Day 207. The morning after

 The morning after the night before and I admit to feeling a little less than my sparkling self - actually dead on my feet might be a more accurate description. Formal celebrations wrapped up around here some time in the early hours of the morning. Not to worry, it's not as though I had much on today. Isn't that the way it works? Had to be at the airport for a drop off at 7am and at work at 8.45. One of the advantages of my job is that weekend work isn't part of the deal - at least in the go into the office sort of way. Many a weekend hour is spent on lecture planning, marking and administrivia but I get to stay at home every weekend except Open Day. Naturally that was today. And it wasn't even as if I got to hide. Part of my job is to give the seminars "selling" our course to would-be students. It's something I firmly believe in and a message I'm happy to share any time but generally for all concerned it's probably better when I'm awake. Having ticked off that box it was home to pick up Drama Teen who had spent all morning sleeping off the formal. Nice work if you can get it. Then out the door again to the local senior citizens centre for an afternoon concert Drama Teen and his performance mates were appearing in.
So today in pictures is my visual representation of Open Day - feeling like a dead weight but acting like I could jump over any hurdle.

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