Friday, July 10, 2015

July 10. Day 191. A pot of gold

It's amazing what you can miss if you forget to look. This afternoon, as I walked towards Roma Street Parkland, a group of tourists coming from the other direction stopped and excitedly pulled out the selfie sticks. I assumed City Hall coming into view had them all excited and almost walked on but decided to turn only to see the most beautiful rainbow. By the time I exited the parkland there was a definite hint of the magical double rainbow. Look what you see if you look up. At the other end of the day looking up saved me from wearing kookaburra poo. Day two of Operation Get Fit for Great Ocean Road saw Rumple and I back at Mount Cooth-tha just after sunrise. The early bird had clearly decided to show me just what he thought of my camera. Seriously, everyone's a critic. Anyway, this exercise thing is progressing quite nicely. I have decided to aim at 100,000 steps a week or 14,285 a day. Today, I smashed that (where smashed means beat it 1444 steps). Now I only need to keep that up for another 142 days.

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