Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July 1. Day 182. Such a drag

Drama Teen's mate George has tried to recruit me for a project. In preparation for the 18th birthday, George was seeking embarrassing photos such as my young man wearing a dress or similar. Well here's the thing. Either you want embarrassing photos or you want photos in a dress. Those two categories are mutually exclusive. Like so many actors before him, Drama Teen relishes the "character" roles that involves frocking up. Roles such as Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie, Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire and John Travolta in Hairspray would be the dream.
Almost as attractive are the panto favourites such as an ugly stepsister in Cinderella. This week he's living that dream. He's in the cast of Fame Theatre's Little Red Riding Hood, a musical retelling of the tale where the wolf tries to capture Red by luring her off track with a variety of fairy tale disguises. Enter Cinders and her ugly stepsister. And what a fetching "woman" that stepsister is. Truth is, the young man is lucky he made it to the stage after saying "Mum, I need some really bad make-up for my role as an ugly stepsister. Can you lend me some?" For the record, I bought him some of his own and no he did not use my make-up tips.

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