Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 16. Day 197. You'll never walk alone

So every day for a week, I have achieved the 14,285 steps required to meet my exercise goal of 100,000 step weekly target. I am a little bit determined what with the November 29 Great Ocean Road walk out there as incentive. Still some days are easier than others and today, for no particular reason, was a not so easy. In fact, as the sun went down I had only about 3000 steps under foot. I don't much like to walk alone at night but there is always a walking buddy ready to play chaperone. In fact, for just about every one of those 100,000 steps, Rumple has been at my side. The best thing about a fur friend foot soldier is that he can't speak so he never says no. Truth is "walkies" is one of Rumple's favourite things and if I get the lead he's at the door ready to hit the road. And having a night walk does allow you to get a different look at the city. Winning all round.


  1. I'm in awe of your achievements Susan, especially walking at night-time or when the weather isn't just perfect. Thank goodness for Rumple. I'm afraid my Mufftypup (mini Shihtzu) wouldn't get me far! ;D
    Fantastic photo's... especially the red bridge. My boys would definitely approve (huge Liverpool fans)
    Keep doing what your doing :D
    Good Luck

    1. Thanks. The council lights the bridge according to what's going on and it was red for Liverpool's Brisbane visit. Looks rather nice I think

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