Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 23. Day 204. Standing your ground

I love the quiet dignity of the kookaburra. I love how when under attack by a bully, a bully making a lot of noise (as they always do), a bully puffing itself up to look important (as they always do), a bully doing everything to undermine the sense of security (as they always do), the kookaburra just holds its ground. This was today. Today is Thursday and every Thursday my elderly neighbour Margaret gets her hair washed and set which means she is out all morning. This delays the morning feed and by the time she gets home, the birds are getting decidedly impatient. As I helped her in with her groceries I could see the birds lining up on the powerlines around the house waiting for the mince to emerge.  There were crows, butcher birds and kookaburras. They were all as politely and orderly queuing as if they were British - all except the noisy miners. They were being big bullies. There was plenty to go around but the miners were not content to wait and get their share. Because that's a bully for you.

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