Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 28. Day 209. Just add water

Let's be honest. It's so much easier to find reasons not to do something than to find the motivation to do it. And when the competition is between getting a few more minutes precious sleep and just about anything else, sleep normally wins. Sleep and I have always had a deeply intimate, special relationship but of late it has been a little strained. I still care deeply about sleep but sleep seems not to be reciprocating. Well sleep, I shall no longer surrender to your game of hard to get. The new improved exercise routine means morning walks and if that means getting out of bed when I finally get to sleep, it has to be. I think resetting the body clock is an important first step in regaining the old zing in my relationship with the zzzzzs. Like so many in Brisbane I find that heading to the river takes some of the sting out of getting out of bed. Unlike some I'm not actually getting down on my knees and embracing the sunrise over the river but the fur friend and I do enjoy joining the throngs on the river path. With any luck I might tire myself out enough to sleep

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