Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27. Day 208. Questions for which there are no answers

I was in the studio audience of Q&A tonight, the weekly ABC TV show where the big issue questions are posed  by the audience and put to a panel of experts, Tonight's topics ranged from the morality of climate change to refugee policy and political entitlements. All very interesting. But I have questions of my own for the "panel" who live in the same house as I do. They include the following:
Why does Rumple have such a liking for toilet paper?
Knowing Rumple will use toilet paper as his plaything at any opportunity, why is is still left within his reach?
Why does Rumple like to play "destroy the toilet paper" in the living areas of the house and not somewhere like Drama Teen's bedroom where it would be less noticeable because of the mess?
Why won't Drama Teen learn that there is no such thing as a floor-drobe?
Knowing that Rumple and Drama Teen  will go on the occasional search and destroy missions, why would Charles decide to bring an international visitor to the house without any warning?
Why do I find it impossible to be annoyed with Rumple?
Finding world peace might be easier than finding answers to these questions. As Q&A host Tony Jones would say "you can take that as a comment".

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