Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 4. Day 185. Party time

Party time. Probably the biggest street party Brisbane has ever seen is on tomorrow and did I score a golden entry ticket? No, I did not. I will not be one of the thousands on the Story Bridge tomorrow to mark the bridge's 75th birthday. But today I was partying under the bridge. The Little Red Riding Hood season finished today and the cast and crew after party was in the park under the bridge, a very short walk from the theatre. My contribution was cocktail frankfurters, proving I am a serial under-achiever. Okay, some parents sent a packet of chips but then there were the cakes. My goodness, some families clearly have talent streaks that go way beyond the stage. Still, no-one was afraid to cut or take the first bite of frankfurters which makes me a bit of a winner. And with the food and speeches over the kids did what kids do. They hit the playground equipment. Their joy was obvious to everyone so much so that a woman walking a dog stopped to comment on how good it was to see young people enjoying good old fashioned screen-free fun. I could say they even managed to spend the afternoon without recording the moment with a selfie (but not without lying). Well if my face was on a cake instead of the cake being on my face, I'd be taking a selfie too.

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  1. Looks like plenty of fun under the bridge and what an impressive structure it is. Awesome cake making from someone, that would put a smile on any kids face! Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.