Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20. Day 201. Sitting pretty

It is so pleasing to see my neighbour Margaret all smiles. It was a far different picture yesterday afternoon when she slipped on the kitchen floor while making dinner. But today she was her usual self back in her favourite spot watching the world go by from her front window. A slightly sore shoulder the only sign of the mishap.She's resilient, you'd have to give the 87-year-old that. But she's also as stubborn as a mule. Margaret sent back her panic alert pendant after a previous fall. She didn't like it. The subject was off the table again today with only her knitting and her "larrikin" friend Rumple topics she'd like to discuss. Truth is Margaret loves to talk about Rumple. We visit regularly and it is the furry one who brings the biggest smiles - by a long shot. Fortunately, Rumple is only to happy to oblige. It's lucky we are close - in a physical and social sense. I'd hate to think what would have happened if her kitchen and my bedroom were separated by more than two metres and I hadn't heard her. Let's hope there isn't a next time and if there is the ourcome is as good.

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