Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 22. Day 203. Pride of place

Everything has a place and everything in its place. This applies as much to people as it does to the crap in my kitchen. In fact, the sense of place applies much more to just about every person I know than it does to the appliances I have but often don't use or need. We all sit in the same place on the couch, at the same place at the table, on the same side of the bed and in the same seat in the car. In the lectures and tutes I take, students file in and occupy "their" seat. It needs no name tag, routine and custom marks the spot. It is the same for the Fur Friend. He could sit anywhere but he does not. His "place" is on the top of the couch. He loves that spot because he can see the whole living area. It is close to the action in the kitchen and the humans on the couch. It also puts him at a perfect height to be admired and stroked and loved by all who walk by. And it makes him feel like he's top dog, which of course he is and we all know it.

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