Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 18. Day 199. Capturing place

Place: Story Bridge, Brisbane. Mission: To capture the place (with a camera, obviously). This morning I joined the wonderful Carl Warner for a photographic walking tour of Brisbane. He was fascinating as were his tips on capturing the city's history through its architecture. One of the interesting points raised by Carl was that he does not like to include people in his pictures because he likes the environment to speak for itself and people, cars etc immediately put a date stamp on the image. But the big lesson I learned was about myself, and it should have been obvious had I stopped to think even for a bit. A place to me is not about its buildings. A place is about how people and things use the built and natural environment. Until this morning I never knew families gathered on the sandy banks of the Brisbane River to play. I never knew about the dogs frolicking with their humans by the river. Around the bend at South Bank seeing people playing in the sand is the norm but despite the best part half a century in the city, I did not know this.  Despite this discovery, I still grew to appreciate even more the built environment - modern and older. The bridge itself remains a fascination, its lines and angles are a beautiful thing. And spending a couple of hours with people with the liking of the lens as much of myself wandering the city was awesome. I learned one other thing - I can get lost anywhere. My Project365 buddy Donna Weeks and I managed to get so engrossed in what we were doing we lost the group. Great effort.

Carl Warner (left) and some of the group I managed to lose

My mate Donna capturing place
We lost them too


  1. Awww I would want to do something like this! Amazing photos and you have really captured what the place is all about. The small details that makes it what it is! #countrykids

  2. I can see both view points and appreciate both style of photos but on balance like you. I think it is people that bring the place to life and I like that the people put a date stamp on the photo, it gives it time, emotion and a sense of being lived in. I rarely see photos with coats on from you so it must be cold still despite the sun, I wouldn't have had a feel for the seasons without the people in the photos! Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.