Thursday, May 8, 2014

May 8. Day 128. Who am I?

As you go through life you find yourself defined by many different things. I have been described as Margaret and Barry's daughter, Marie, Lisa or Michael's sister. Charles' wife or Oliver's mum. I've been an All Hallows' girl and an employee of Queensland University of Technology. You get used to being described as "my lecturer", "my work colleague" or "my friend". Doubtless I have been called many, many other things only some of which can be repeated in a family friendly blog. But today I was described in terms that I admit made me smile. I'd spent the day running errands for my neighbour Margaret. Aged 86, Margaret had a fall earlier in the week and has been in hospital. Today she was transferred to a rehabilitation unit and needed a few things. So I arrived at the rehabilitation unit with the requested repaired hearing aid, incontinence pads and clean undies. A nurse was attending to Margaret when I arrived. She smiled and introduced me. "This is Susan Hetherington. She's a good neighbour. She's a journalist. She has a dog." I'm thinking of putting that on my business card. Yep, there are worst things you can be remembered for.

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