Friday, May 16, 2014

May 16. Day 136. Fairy tales

If  I said today was like a fairy tale, I'm pretty sure the assumption would be that was a good thing. Fairy tale ending, fairy tale wedding - for some reason we associate the fairies with the Disney universe rather than something more Grimm. But today was all Sleeping Beauty and not in a good way. Anyone who knows me knows I love the nap but this was ridiculous. A brisk walk at South Bank this morning where I took this photo and then back to bed. I swear a wicked witch put me under a sleeping curse. I was in a coma and thick thorny vines were creeping up over my abode or something. Actually it was more likely the combination of a virus and industrial strength drugs that had me floating in a parallel universe but in any event I was off with the fairies. Still there was a happy ending of sorts. Hours of sleep later, my faithful fur friend licked me and I woke up. It's not quite love's first kiss from a handsome prince but it will do. You can't lie in a bed of roses without encountering quite a few pricks.

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