Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 6. Day 126. These are a few of my favourite things

My mother is a bag lady. Seriously she can't go past a bag retailer without being magnetically drawn to its wares. With my older sister, it's make-up. She likes the good stuff and is prepared to pay for it. The shoe gene - which is supposed to be a girl thing - went to my brother. If an international sports shoe famine ever occurs he will be able to supply the market from his personal supplies for years (provided everyone wants the same size shoe and is content with the label with the Swoosh). None of those things particularly tickles my fancy. My weakness is cheap jewellery. In many things I prefer quality over quantity but not when it comes to necklaces. I can't help it. I am attracted to things that shine and sparkle - bright colourful beads that would be considered a statement piece if I didn't own so many of them. I guess when it comes to statements, I'm just a girl with rather a lot to say. Sure diamonds are a girl's best friend but is there anything wrong with sharing the love? Not in my book.

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