Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19. Day 139. Bark worse than my bite

It is just as well my bark is worse than my bite because, frankly, the bark is pretty savage. Although it has long, long periods of being dormant I have had essentially the same rasping cough at somewhat regular intervals since I was a child. Generally it will start with a cold and progress to the point that someone (usually me) threatens to call an undertaker. Every time it comes back, the same conversation with my mother results. It always involves a suggestion of wearing socks and the use salt water - to this day I am unsure what I am supposed to do with the saline solution. Do I gargle it, bath in it, drink it or squirt it up my nose or a combination? In the end I do none of these things mostly because I feel quite bad enough already, thank you very much. Still the salt water solution does always remind me of my Grandfather, her dad. Pa lived to the highly respectable age of 87. Salt water was his remedy for just about everything. If salt water didn't cure it then some rancid potion called Blackjack would. My guess is that Blackjack has probably been either banned or renamed for reasons of political correctness but I've not seen or heard of it in decades. Might be just as well. Like I said, I feel bad enough already.

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