Friday, May 2, 2014

May 2. Day 122. Do you see what I see?

Some times you can't see what is right before your eyes.
For almost my whole life, a giant Bird of Paradise was the central feature of my parents' front garden. I believed it to be the ugliest plant ever to grow out of the soil. The blooms were spiky and sort of threatening with absolutely no resemblance to either a bird or paradise, at least in my mind's eye. It is a bit like the rabbit/duck illusion.
Some people will see the rabbit (that was me) others the duck (the Drama Teen) depending on how your brain works. But then when someone points out the "other" way of looking at it it's hard to believe you missed something so obvious which was right before your eyes.
So it was this afternoon when I was walking the Fur Friend and found myself staring at a Bird of Paradise bloom. And there it was - the bird. I saw its eye, its beak and its beautiful plumage. How could it possibly have taken me that long? My guess is my dislike for the plant probably blinded me and prevented me from really ever looking at it properly or something Freudian like that. And if Mr Freud was to have an interpretation of my floral blindness he would have had a field day with Drama Teen's vision. When I was telling him how I finally found the bird he looked at the image and remarked "that's funny. I see a penis." Oh great. And I just got to the point where I could look at the plant with some fondness ...

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