Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 1. Day 121. Cut from a different cloth

Families. What weird beasts they are.
That, as much as anything, is what 4000 Miles a totally compelling play I saw at La Boite Theatre tonight was about and the image is from a prop in the foyer. The 4000 miles could have represented the distance 21-year-old Leo has cycled to land on his grandmother's doorstep or the generation gap between them. While "Grandma" is not biologically related to Leo (she married Grandpa when Leo's Mum was two) they find they have a great deal in common much of which they hadn't discovered over the years. Clearly that's a tick in the nurture side of the nature/nurture debate box. Which is where the weird beast thing really comes in. A late cancellation meant I was searching for someone to take to the theatre tonight rather than go Freddy Friendless. My niece suggested her mother - my sister Marie - would like to come. We both knew this to be a huge joke because my passion for theatre is matched only by Marie's hate for the art form. Yet we come from the same gene pool and she is just 14 months older than I am. So how can the nature/nurture influences explain away that one? Clearly the only explanation can be that she was adopted (not me. Mum chose to accompany me and thoroughly enjoyed it so sorry Marie the theatre love gene is proven right there). Okay, I joke but not on the point of families being weird. They just are. My siblings and I may look alike and sound alike but we are very different beasts in ways that are not easy to explain. Which is probably just as well because if we were all really alike it might be harder for Mum to love me the most!!!!

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