Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26. Day 146. Drinking problem

It's enough to drive a person to drink. Seriously, I'm not cut out for this.
The thing is it should be easier the second time around. I should know what to expect. I should be more resilient and more able to roll with the punches. But I'm not. I'm older and tireder and in fact totally over it. Year 11 may just be the death of me. The thing is, this new Year 11 is infinitely more interesting than the one I remember from 1981. I might be studying it only vicariously but I rather think a feature story pitched at a magazine's Arts section, a performance of the opening scene from the Australian play Kelly, an examination of French laws about wearing religious symbols and an argument about the pros and cons of Australia's jury system makes everything I studied seem very old school indeed. But high school in 1981 seemed to be about regurgitation while the 2014 seems very much about higher order thinking. Which is why I think I need a drink. It is also why I managed to miss the fact that the fur friend ran off with a (thankfully empty) juice container and started trying to have a swig. Exam time stress has a flow on effect to all family members. Now, what are the dramatic themes in that play again? Perhaps it's written on the back of this wine bottle.

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