Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 21. Day 141. Having a spray

Forgive me. I'm going to have a spray; at the whole world and everyone and everything in it.
I did consult with a medical professional today but this is a self diagnosis. There was an infectious period during which some evil virus decided to come into body and invite all its friends around to trash the joint. This has now departed but I have been left with what I call Couldn'tGiveaTossItis. Detailed laboratory blood analysis may well also find lingering Exhaustipation. Frankly I am too tired to give a shit about anyone or anything. Such behaviour is uncharacteristic. The parenting rule book page 87 clearly states that mothers don't get sick. Ever. If they do get sick they must, in the interests of being a modern day martyr, brush it off and refer to page 87. Well I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and thus I ripped out page 87. In its place I put a sticky note over from a staff meeting or something. It said: "Susan is napping so bugger off and tell someone who cares". OK, that never happened but it would have if I could have been bothered. Instead I ate chicken soup which as everyone knows is a cure for everything. That page remain in the book. So there. Good night.

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