Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 29. Day 149. Book smart

What's the difference between Susan and a book? A book has a spine.
What's the similarity between Susan and a book? They are both filled with dated facts and don't get taken out much any more.
I know. I know. I shouldn't give up my day job (at least not until I'm 70 under current government reforms). Anyway I got all old school today and went to not one but two libraries and borrowed books, lots of them. Australian drama, French history, The jury system - in an effort to show drama teen that not every resource ever written is on the world wide web, I repeated the exercise I undertake about once a year and collected a great big pile of non web-based resources.
But here's the thing. While I detest the experience of reading fiction for pleasure on a device, the fact is if you want easily accessible and up to date information the online library resource is not only as good but far superior than the collection housed in the building. Well derr. You don't need to be a genius to work that out. Which leads to the next point. New definitions are needed. I'm not sure book smart (as opposed to street smart) can be a thing any more. One can be well educated, well read and well considered without going anywhere near a  book. Which is probably why all these old books at the QUT library are now a rather fetching piece of art hanging from the roof. And how (book) smart does that look?

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