Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 27. Day 147. Who's a pretty boy then?

This modern obsession with physical beauty is a curse. Way too much attention is paid to external appearance as though inner beauty counts for nothing. Surely a kind heart, an intelligent brain, loyalty and devotion are far more important attributes.
Well yes that's true but let's be honest being too cute for words and flirting relentlessly will get you a long way in life, a very long way. It's not just what you have but how you use it that are the tickets to success in this shallow world. And there is none more masterful at the art of working a room than my fur friend Rumple. Today was haircut day and when I went to collect his majesty from his stylist she commented "you know he sat up on the table while I was grooming him and gave me a High 10". Yep, he would do that. He was still at it when I brought him home and he rushed next door to show off his new do to our neighbour Margaret. Naturally he was rewarded for his efforts. He'll go a long way that young man. Now, how do I go about getting him an agent so he can pay back his dear, kind, intelligent and generous to a fault owner?

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