Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 10. Day 130. High flyer

It's the camera.
Mostly I forget the Canon DSLR around my neck because it's always there and after a while you don't even notice its weight (I could say the same thing about the layer of flab - but not without lying).
But other people notice the camera more than I do and they make assumptions. I'm forever being asked where I'm from. So it was as I strolled around the markets at South Bank. I got odd looks when I said I was local. It was as if I hadn't understood the question. "Just up the hill" was surely where I was staying not where I was "from" because locals don't carry cameras. It's a rule somehow. Taking selfies on the phone you can do anywhere but proper photos with a proper camera is reserved for the holiday album apparently. Well phooey to that rule. I like the camera because it actually makes me focus. So the markets became not just a mission to find a Mother's Day present but to find an angle I was happy with. And there it was. The man on the unicycle. It's not as if he hasn't been photographed before. That bloke and the Wheel would be South Bank's most photographed by everyone including me. But the more things stay the same, the more they change. He doesn't move but the sky above is a palette of constant variety and it was pretty as a picture as the sun went down. So like a snap happy tourist, there's another one for the album. Yep, I may not have just dropped in on some Boeing but that doesn't mean my head isn't in the clouds. The important thing is to stay focused.


  1. Brilliant photography. #365

  2. wow what a shot! the dramtic sky and the daredevil acrobatics!

  3. I *LOVE* these photos from the south bank.

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