Friday, May 30, 2014

May 30. Day 150. Taking flight

Humans consider themselves so smart yet it is other species - such as birds, whales and wealthy Victorians - that migrate for the winter. With only two days left of autumn I again need to consider how I plan to survive winter. Hibernation, on the surface seems attractive, but it apparently involves not eating. That will never work. The model I want is more like taking to bed for several months with one's head under the doona. I'm told that's defined as laziness not hibernation. So I'm back to migrating, a concept which even I admit seems somewhat ridiculous given the weather of late. Certainly this kookaburra was laughing at something and I'm pretty sure it was me. Ok, I admit today's maximum of 25 is not "exactly" freezing but yesterday was 28 degrees do you can see where this is heading - south. This is pretty much exactly the opposite direction from where I'd like to be heading right now. Frankly I have more than I care to admit in common with the whales and they have all started their journey north. So laugh, kookaburra laugh, but warm my life must be.

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