Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 7. Day 127. Pouring cold water on it

Heading out the school gate with homework is pretty much par for the course - but not so much for parents. But at a Surviving Senior School information session tonight parents were set an assignment:  "Go home and Google 'Cold Water Extraction'." Oh great. All you need is YouTube, water and over the counter medication and you can manufacture a pretty powerful drug concoction. Just another thing for parents of teens to keep in mind. Parenting in the modern era is scary stuff. It is, however, refreshing, to have a school community so open and honest in its communication with parents. This was a full and frank discussion that put it all on the table - porn, parties, drinking, drugs, depression - it was all there. Most of it I knew about. The cold water extraction thing was new to me. But in these things ignorance is not bliss. With any luck I'll never need to know but forewarned is forearmed or something. I may never took at cold water the same way again.

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