Tuesday, December 10, 2013

January 10. Day 344. The Graduates

Graduation Day is one of those bitter sweet days on my annual calendar.
It is so satisfying to see another group of students don the cap and gown and parade across the stage of the Queensland Performing Arts Complex. But it is always just a little bit sad to see students you have nurtured go out and make their way in the world.
Today I was reflecting on how the heels grow higher and the skirts shorter with each new group of graduates but the sense of excitement remains the same. And rightly so. Three, four or even five years of hard work and study is well worth celebrating.
And it is such a delight to see the pride (and perhaps the relief) in the faces of the parents cheering on from the auditorium. Their support (and often their $$$$) normally plays a huge role in getting the students to where they were today.
As an academic it is gratifying to know you have played at least a small part in helping some of those students achieve this very significant milestone.
So good luck to you all. You will achieve great things. Please remember to send me an email when you do.
Bachelor of Media and Communications students Kathy Tong, Luciana Leung, Keziah Reyes and Bokie Chan jump for joy after graduating today.

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