Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16. Day 350. Throwing myself into holidays

Hello holidays. Boy am I glad to see you again. I just love the beach. I swear as soon as I glimpse the ocean as the car turns off the motorway from Brisbane the stress starts melting away. I have big plans for this week at Sunrise Beach. These include long walks along the beach, sleeping, reading, swimming, shopping and eating (not necessarily in that order). As soon as we got here (before even unpacking the car which can wait) the dog and I were off down the beach to explore and paddle. I would have done cartwheels on the sand had the old body been up to it (confession, this body wasn't up to it when it was young but I shall conveniently ignore that for now).  So instead I give you a photograph of 16-year-old Luke who was expressing perfectly how happy I felt. I, too, intend to throw myself headfirst into this week. It may not be as stylish as young Luke. It will have all the same freedom of spirit but hopefully with less risk of getting a face full of sand.

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