Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 22. Day 356. You know it makes scents

 Smell is a powerfully under-rated sense. I do not believe the power of scent to remind you of people and places and moments in time is sufficiently recognised.
Take the smell of Oil of Ulan. The fragrance of that pink moisturiser was what finally made me decide I had to leave England and return to Australia after a two-year stay. Another English winter was approaching and the the biting wind turned my skin to sandpaper. Never having been one for skin care products I bought the only one I recognised, the one my mum used. I opened the bottle and that was it. What wafted out was a big cloud of homesickness. It smelt like my mother, it smelt like home and I knew it was time to go.
So if smells can take you places I so wish to bottle Essence of  Today. I want to keep it on the shelf and bring it out when the stress of semester starts closing in. I want to feel like I feel today.
Today would smell like salt spray and sun screen and chlorine and fish and chips. There would be just a hint of wet dog and a small measure of sweat. Bottle that and I'm sure I'd be able to feel the sand under my toes (and between my sheets), the sun on my back and the the salt crusting on my skin.
This is my happy place and I wish I could stay but alas tomorrow it is back to reality. In case you haven't guessed we will be back, I just nose it.

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