Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December 4. Day 338. Free flowing

Sometimes the answer is right there in front of you, staring you in the face but you are too blind to see.
Sometimes, however, you have what it takes to work it out but what you need is a little time and space.
Here I am not talking about just the space to breathe - but that helps obviously - but a bit more than that. Here I am talking about time to sit and stare and dream.
Today, I was trying to figure out how all the pieces in what seemed like an impossible family timetable conflict could be made fit. In short, it seemed like they couldn't.
So I took the time for a walk with the dog, down to the lakes at the University of Queensland.
I go here often, I take photos of the birds and the turtles and the lizards and sometimes the humans.
I think I'm taking it all in but I'm always on a bit of a schedule. Today I just sat for a bit and looked at the fountain in the middle of the lakes. The fountain is always there and always on but today I was fascinated by the way the wind was whipping up the jets of spray at the top. It was probably the first time I had actually properly given it more than a second glance.
It was hypnotic, rather like lying on your back watching clouds.
And then somewhere in there it hit me. Instead of trying to fit things in where they always go - in those after school hours, turn it around. Start from the beginning of the day and work forward not the end of the day and work back - and allow yourself two minute noodles with the mango chicken tonight. And Voila! It will all fit. I may never be a fountain of all knowledge but at least I know a new place to go for a bit of inspiration.

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