Saturday, December 14, 2013

December 14. Day 348. Walking on water

Summer holidays. Week after week of glorious school-free time. That time of the year every school-aged child spends the long academic year wishing would hurry up and arrive.
But sometimes it is a bit of a matter of be careful what you wish for. Sure, by the end of the year everyone is tired and cranky and in need of a break.
But wishing for weeks of having nothing to do is different from the reality.
In my experience it is never long before the first "I'm bored" and the desire for the social contact that school brings kicks in - at least a bit. And then you can get back to doing nothing happily.
Just a little bit of teen bonding can to wonders for the spirit.
In fact when Mr O and his mate Ed (I shall not call him Mr Ed for obvious reasons) got together  this afternoon I'd swear just having someone to hang with had him walking on water. Even doing a lot of nothing is better with a friend.

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